Apple Runtz Weed Strain – An Overview of the Top-Rated Hybrid

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Do you have cravings for fruity weed strains? Have you tried the Apple Runtz weed strain by CEAS? This hybrid blends the signature scents of the Runtz and Sour Apple strains, producing a delicious fruity aroma and an uplifting high. As a cannabis consumer, you may want to learn more about this top-rated hybrid and what it has to offer. Below is a complete guide to the Apple Runtz weed strain by CEAS, including its effects, scent, and taste.


The Apple Runtz weed strain by CEAS is a perfect balance of sativa and indica, with 50% of each strain genetics. It offers a balanced high that can stimulate creativity and productivity, making it ideal for daytime use. The strain is known for elevating moods, reducing stress levels, and enhancing focus. This hybrid produces a mild body buzz that can ease chronic pains and migraines. Just a few tokes of the Apple Runtz weed strain can leave you feeling active, alert, and focused.


The Apple Runtz weed strain carries an intoxicating fruity scent with a sharp sour kick. The terpenes in this hybrid blend create a distinct, sweet aroma, reminiscent of crisp red apples. The apple scent is complemented by subtle hints of sourness and earthy undertones. The beautiful scent of the Apple Runtz weed strain can bring a warm fuzzy feeling and stimulate the appetite.


The taste of the Apple Runtz weed strain matches the fruity smell, with a sweet and sour flavor. The initial hit presents a sweet and tangy taste that quickly transitions into a sharp and sour apple flavor. The exhale leaves behind a pungent earthy taste, making it ideal for Kief collection. The taste of this hybrid is potent, delightful and perfect for those who love fruity flavors.

THC and CBD levels

This hybrid strain carries impressive THC levels ranging from 27-36%, making it a perfect choice for seasoned cannabis users. Novice users should approach the Apple Runtz weed strain with caution to avoid overwhelming highs. CBD levels in this hybrid are minimal, making it ideal for recreational use rather than as medication for conditions that respond better to high CBD strains.

Growing the Apple Runtz weed strain

Growing the Apple Runtz weed strain involves cultivating the Sour Apple and Runtz strains and then creating a new hybrid. This hybrid can be grown both indoors and outdoors, with indoor yields ranging from 1 to 2 ounces per branch or 17 to 21 ounces per square meter. Outdoor yields range from 21 to 28 ounces per plant. This hybrid strain thrives in warm and dry environments, and it takes around 9 to 10 weeks to mature.

In conclusion, the Apple Runtz weed strain by CEAS is an excellent hybrid with a balanced high, fruity aroma, and delicious taste. It is ideal for those looking for an uplifting yet relaxing high, and it can be perfect for an evening stroll in the park or a creative project. The fruity scent and taste can indulge your senses while the high elevates your moods and reduces stress levels. While this hybrid is potent, its medicinal benefits are limited, and it mainly appeals to recreational users. As a cannabis consumer, it is essential to approach the Apple Runtz strain with caution and enjoy it responsibly.

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