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REDWOOD CITY, CA -- We will begin the insight of the medical benefits with a preface: no individual has ever died due to the ingestion of marijuana.  

The use of cannabis for medical ailments dates back to before 2740 BC. Ancient writings focus on the medication for joint pain, such as pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis and gout. After the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 research was severely deterred. Since the recent spike in cannabis interest research has steadily climbing. Below is a summary of the medical benefits of cannabis. 

1) Cannabis inhibits the growth of cancer cells 

2) Inhaled cannabis can stimulate an appetite in HIV patients

3) Cannabinoids present in cannabis are natural pain-killers

4) Pain-killing properties of cannabis can be used to curb opiod addition 

5) Cannabis may help alleviate symptoms associated with PTSD

Recently there has been an increase in the attention cannabis has received in media. This recent spike in interest has spurred a revolution that has no intention of slowing down. As more attention is directed to cannabis research it will continue to receive funding.  As we discover more about our natural medicine we can consider standardizing therapy for medicine.  

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