Rainbow Belts 7G - Ceas


Rainbow Belts 7g - CEAS


Moonbow x Zkittlez

Rainbow Belts is a Indica Dominant Hybrid strain that offers a euprhoric high that leaves you happy and relaxed. The flavor and aroma of this strain may remind you of sweet and fruity candy. Rainbow Belts is a direct descendant of the almighty Zkittlez now referred to as just "Z".

 Preserving the bold, candied fruit aroma of its predecessor and exhibiting strong grow traits and a relaxing high, Rainbow Belts seems to delight practically every smoker or grower lucky enough to sample.Get ready for a deliciously euphoric ride with Rainbow Belts!

Feels Like : Euphoric, Talkative, Giggly
Tastes Like : Tropical, Sweet, Candy

Descended from the popular Zkittlez strain, Rainbow Belts offers a sweet and fruity aroma that'll make your mouth water. Plus, its relaxing high will leave you feeling happy and carefree. With its strong grow traits, Rainbow Belts is a treat for both smokers and growers alike. It's no wonder why this strain is a crowd-pleaser!

Rainbow Belts - Indica Hybrid Strain | CEAS Dispensary

Elevate your senses with Rainbow Belts, a potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain that offers a euphoric high and sweet fruity flavors. Directly descended from Zkittlez, this strain is available exclusively at CEAS dispensary. Visit us today for the ultimate cannabis experience.

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