Gummy Bears - 5000mg Total

Gummy Bears - 5000mg Total

Total THC: 5000mg

Flavor: Assorted Fruit Flavors

The soft and chewy fruity flavors of these THC gummy bears are packed with 125mg of medicinal THC per piece. Medical patients will get the relief they need from these potent cannabis gummies made in California. Order now and get the flavors you love delivered in no time.

Tastes like: Assorted fruity goodness Feels like: These high dose gummy bears cause extreme euphoria and altered perception. Note that these are intended for medical patients with high tolerances. Use Caution!


THC Gummy Bears by Green Privilege

CEAS Collective delivers only the highest quality cannabis gummies in California, which is why we stock our online dispensary with these 5000mg THC gummy bears by Green Privilege. Green Privilege is known throughout California because of their wide variety of perfectly dosed, and remarkably delicious, edible gummies, belts, and more. Their reputation for consistency as well as their variety of low to high dosage options makes the Green Privilege brand a California favorite for medical patients throughout the state.

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