Bay Area Cannabis Delivery

You can now get Bay Area cannabis delivery in under one hour! At CEAS Collective, we have a massive variety of choices when it comes to sativa, indica, or a little bit of both with our hybrid strains.

If you’re looking for unique blends, we have them with the exact percentage of ingredients, such as THC and CBD. Don’t sacrifice quality when you order cheap weed for delivery in the Bay Area with CEAS!


These distinctive strains are the newest state-of-the-art blends designed by CEAS Collective, where nature and medicine meet. This combination can assist in providing a natural form of relief for many health issues such as:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia


Our edibles explode with succulent flavor and they are power-packed with antioxidants. Edibles also provide long-lasting relief without any potential lung i rritation that may occur with smoking.


Our Bay Area cannabis delivery also provides concentrates. These are highly effective and a little goes a long way, so you definitely get your money’s worth!


Find vape products designed to bring fast and effective results. Our selection of vape options include regular and disposable cartridges. You will be catapulted to a euphoric dimension.


Our pre-rolled joints are a true timesaver. These convenient products are perfectly packed, so you don’t have to do anything except light it up and relax.

Moon Rocks

Find potent effects with our extraordinary moon rocks. These mighty gems are the champagne of the cannabis world, so expect to feel completely at ease when using these dynamic products.

Premium Quality & Unbeatable Prices

This Bay Area cannabis delivery cannot be ignored at affordable prices and premium quality.

We also offer a rewards program that provides 10% back in rewards with each purchase. Finding cheap weed delivery in the Bay Area has never been easier. Your BEST BUDS are just one hour away, so order now and use promo code “FTP20” to get 20% off your first delivery!