Weed Delivery, San Francisco

Looking for premium quality cannabis delivery in San Francisco? Look no further than CEAS Collective! Sign up today and discover a wide range of fantastic weed products at unbeatable prices. products!

With our affordable delivery cost of just $5, you'll never have to worry about overspending for high-quality cannabis products. Choose from our selection of premium flower, concentrates, moonrocks, vapes, pre-rolls, and more.

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How to Get Weed Delivered in San Francisco

Getting weed delivery in San Francisco takes just a few clicks. First, open an account here at CEAS Collective if you don’t have one. After you set up your account, follow these steps:

  1. Use the menu to pick your delivery area.
  2. Make your selections.
  3. Click the Shopping Cart.
  4. Check Out.
  5. Do something that takes 45 minutes or less. Your order will probably be at your door before you are done.


When it comes to cannabis delivery, the choices are endless with CEAS in San Francisco. Our wide selection includes ever-popular flower strains that are genetically designed in-house, creating unique blends that you won't find anywhere else. Not only are they filled with delicious terpenes for a tasty smoking experience, but they are also loaded with potent cannabinoids for a truly elevated high.


Perhaps smoking isn't your thing, or maybe you're a foodie who prefers edibles - whatever the case may be, CEAS in San Francisco has got you covered with our cannabis delivery service. We offer a wide range of delicious treats that can be delivered right to your door, perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without inhaling smoke. If you're looking for a product that can help you sleep, we have many different options in various flavors and strengths, all at great prices. Whether you prefer gummies, chocolates, or other types of edibles, we have something for everyone. Choose CEAS for your cannabis delivery needs and experience the convenience and quality of our products.


For those in need of the highest level cannabis products, CEAS's San Francisco weed delivery service offers potent concentrates that pack a powerful punch, despite their small size. These special concentrates are not to be underestimated - they deliver a potent and effective high that works like magic. Whether you're looking for shatter, wax, or other concentrates, we have a variety of options to choose from. Trust CEAS for your cannabis delivery needs and enjoy the convenience of premium quality products delivered right to your doorstep.


Looking for a smoother way to enjoy the euphoric benefits of cannabis? Look no further than our vape products, available for delivery in San Francisco. Offering fast and effective relief from a variety of daily ailments, our vape products come in a range of flavors and aromas to suit your preferences. Experience a smooth yet intense high that spreads euphoric benefits throughout the body, leaving you feeling relaxed and happy. Trust CEAS for your cannabis delivery needs and enjoy the convenience of premium quality vape products delivered directly to your door.


After a long and busy day, the last thing you want to do is spend time rolling your own joints. With CEAS's pre-rolled products, you can relax and enjoy the convenience of having your joints rolled for you. Our pre-rolled products are not only convenient, but discreet as well, delivering the perfect amount of cannabis in an easy-to-use format. Say goodbye to the hassle of rolling papers and hello to effortless relaxation - simply light up and enjoy the benefits of our high-quality cannabis products. Trust CEAS for your cannabis delivery needs and experience the convenience and quality of our pre-rolled products.

Moon Rocks

Ready to blast off and leave your stress behind? Look no further than our high-quality moon rocks, available for delivery in under an hour right to your front door in San Francisco! These lunar nugs pack a powerful and potent punch, delivering a fast-acting and enjoyable high that will take you to new heights. Strap in and experience the unique and otherworldly effects of moon rocks - you'll reach the upper atmosphere in no time. Trust CEAS for your cannabis delivery needs and enjoy the convenience of premium-quality moon rocks delivered directly to your door.

Order Cannabis From Your Best Buds™

CEAS Collective is committed to bringing you the best weed delivery service in San Francisco! Say goodbye to the stress and hassle of traveling to dispensaries, and enjoy the convenience of having premium quality cannabis products delivered right to your home. Experience the freedom of a stress-free life with our fast and reliable San Francisco cannabis delivery service – voted the #1 delivery service in the city. Let CEAS take care of all your cannabis needs and enjoy the convenience and quality of our exceptional products.

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Questions? We Have Answers

Where in San Francisco do you deliver?

At CEAS, we deliver to a wide variety of neighborhoods throughout San Francisco. Whether you live in North Beach, Embarcadero, Yerba Buena, Noe Valley, Hayes Valley, Haight Ashbury, Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, Richmond, Sunset, Bayview, or beyond, we've got you covered. Our cannabis delivery service extends throughout the city and beyond. Not sure if we deliver to your neighborhood? Contact us to find out if we can bring our high-quality products straight to your doorstep. Trust CEAS for your San Francisco cannabis delivery needs and experience the convenience and quality of our exceptional service. Reach out to us!

What are CEAS Collective’s hours?

To receive same-day delivery, make sure to place your order between 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM PST. Please note that if you place an order outside of these hours, your delivery will be scheduled for the following day. Trust CEAS for your cannabis delivery needs and enjoy the convenience of timely and reliable service.

Is San Francisco weed delivery legal?

Yes. Possession of small amounts of cannabis in CA is legal for adults who are 21 or older. Medical Marijuana Card holders 18 or older may possess medical marijuana. California law requires delivery services to limit deliveries to adults 21 or older who possess a valid US ID.

How much is delivery?

We charge a flat rate of $5 for weed delivery in San Francisco. This helps us keep our drivers as employees rather than contracting out their work.

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