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Afghan Og - Bhostco Extracts

Afghan OG - BHOstco Extracts


CEAS wants to ensure that every marijuana enthusiast can enjoy an honest and consistent experience with our Afghani OG BHOstco Extracts. The journey of Afghan Kush began in the rugged Hindu Kush mountains, close to Pakistan-Afghanistan, mountainous terrain. Generations of perfecting the art of hash-making have made this strain much desired for its resin productions – charas and black Afghani hash. Through White Label Seed Company, a Sensi Seeds partner, we are able to provide access for everyone grow and enjoy this highly coveted strain. Afghan Kush buds yield heavily into exceptionally large nuggets with an incredible amount of resin coating them; it's no secret why so many people clamour for this strain!
Its intensely sedating effects are referred to as "a full body stone", leaving its users completely relaxed and well-rested after a long day. CEAS is committed to providing you with the best Afghani OG experience possible – elevate your cannabis session today!

Get Afghan OG BHOstco Extracts Delivered with CEAS in the Bay Area

Get your hands on some of the finest Afghani OG BHOstco extracts with CEAS delivery services in the Bay Area. Experience luxurious resin productions with this highly coveted strain, perfect for hash-making and yielding into large nuggets. Enjoy an honest and consistent experience today!