Azul Pavé Smalls 28g - CEAS | 50% OFF


Azul Pavé Smalls 28g - CEAS | 50% OFF

Total Cannabinoids: 33.73% THC: 30.66%  (Indica, Indoor Smalls)

 28g (1 Oz) Smalls   

Azul Pavé is a creative blend of Paris OG and The Menthol, combining into a captivating flavor that's sure to make any room spin. Its high frosting and heavy trichome coverage bring the potency and flavor you crave, no matter if it's for a wild night out or a cozy evening in. Open a packet and let 4:20 live on - it's time to burn!

A strain designed to tantalize your taste buds while providing calming and euphoric effects, Azul Pavé Smalls are sure to deliver an experience that you'll never forget. 

Feels Like: Tingly, Euphoric, Stoney 
Tastes Like: Plum, Mint, Pepper

But that's not all! If you thought Azul Pavé couldn't get more attractive, think again: it incredibly pumps out loads of hash too. Talk about an intense experience. Now that's bringing home the bling! With such stunning characteristics, our customers just know they're getting quality each time they select this product. Try it today if you want to feel totally lifted.