Blue Cookie Smalls 7g - CEAS
Blue Cookies - Ceas Exotics


Blue Cookie Smalls 7g - CEAS

Total Cannabinoids: 30.7% THC: 27.9%  (Indoor Smalls, Indica-Hybrid)
7g (1/4 Oz)

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Introducing Blue Cookies, a standout indica-dominant hybrid from CEAS Collective, masterfully bred from the famed Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry strains. Blue Cookies’ buds are a sight to behold, featuring dense clusters coated in a luscious layer of trichomes, with vibrant blue and purple hues peeking through the rich green foliage. The aroma is equally enchanting, combining the sweet scent of fresh blueberries with a subtle hint of earthy undertones, inviting enthusiasts to indulge their senses.

The high provided by Blue Cookies is profoundly relaxing and euphoric, making it an excellent choice for those looking to relieve stress, anxiety, or sleep issues. The calming body effects inherited from Blueberry perfectly complement the blissful cerebral experience synonymous with Girl Scout Cookies, offering a balanced yet powerful strain that caters to both medical and recreational users. Blue Cookies is best enjoyed in the evening or before bed, promising a soothing journey into tranquility.

Feels Like : Sleepy, Relaxed, Tingly 
Tastes Like : Sweet, Spicy, bubblegum


Furthermore, CEAS Collective furthers the convenience by offering shipping and delivery services, ensuring that customers can seamlessly receive Blue Cookies right to their doorstep. Elevate your cannabis experience with Blue Cookies, professionally cultivated and brought to you by the trusted experts at CEAS Collective.


Unwind with Blue Cookies: Indica-Dominant Hybrid from CEAS Collective

Discover the perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria with Blue Cookies, a top-rated indica-dominant hybrid from CEAS Collective. With potent calming effects and a delicious aroma of fresh blueberries, this strain is a must-try for both medical and recreational users.

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