Electric Blue Smalls 14g - Connected

Electric Blue Smalls 14g - Connected

Sativa (Half OZ Flower)

If you're looking for a great high that's sure to uplift and energize your day, look no further than Electric Blue! This sativa dominant hybrid produced by Connected is a marvel of modern cannabis technology. Crossing the calming effects of Blue Dream with the creative boost of Bad Apple creates an altogether remarkable strain to experience. The smell of this one will have your nose taking in all the earthy and berry notes it has offer, which are then layered with an abundance of uplifting, euphoric effects. Whether your day calls for a mild mood boost or an experience that'll fully get you buzzing, Electric Blue will give you exactly what you're looking for. So do yourself a favor and check out this amazing strain today!

Taste Like: Mixed berries, Fruity

Electric Blue Smalls 14g - Connected | CEAS

An Indica dominant hybrid that demands to be taken seriously, neatly packaged in an Auto flower. Stemming from Blueberry and Big Devil, the flowers offer balanced effects that won’t lead directly to couch lock. Instead, they'll send your mind into a creative mode enjoyed with smoke that delivers on all of its fruity aromas. Mixed berries, with a clear skunk backdrop, dominate the palate. A joy to grow and a pleasure to consume, you can’t go wrong with Electric Blue Auto.