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G6 7g - CEAS

G6 7g - CEAS

Total Cannabinoids: 31.03% THC: 29.23%  (Greenhouse, Indica/Hybrid) 

7g  (1/4 Oz)
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Genetix (Sunset Sherbet x Jet Fuel) 

Introducing G6—part of CEAS' collection of distinct marijuana strains! If you're looking for a relaxing and mellowing experience, then you've found it. G6 is an indica dominant hybrid with gassy and sweet undertones that provides the perfect wind-down after a long day. Its soothing effects are the result of its dominant terpenes: caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene, which all contribute to stress relief and a sense of tranquility.

G6 is available at your go-to dispensary, ready to enhance your evenings. So grab some, sit back, and enjoy the calming experience G6 offers. It might just be the perfect way to see the world through more relaxed and stress-free eyes!

Tastes Like: Sweet, Gassy, Berry

Feels like: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy

Whether you savor it solo or mix it with other tastes, G6 Strain will delight your taste buds in a flash! Elevate your cannabis experience with G6 Strain from CEAS.

Experience the Calming Effects of G6 at Your Go-To Weed Dispensary

Get ready to relax and unwind with G6 from your go-to weed dispensary. Enjoy a calming experience and see the world through more relaxed eyes.