Melonade Sativa by CEAS Delivery

Melonade 28g - CEAS | 50% Off

29.4% THC (S)

28g (4x 1/4 Oz)

Melonade by CEAS is a pure sativa dominant strain that is perfect for those who enjoy a good head high. This 7 gram bag is filled with 90% sativa genetics, meaning you'll be hit with a strong and long-lasting mental buzz that is perfect for daytime use. The effects of Melonade are cerebral and uplifting, making it a great choice for those times when you need a little extra motivation or boost in creativity. The sweet and fruity flavor of melon makes this strain all the more enjoyable, and the packaging ensures that you'll always have fresh bud on hand. Whether you're looking to enhance your mood or get things done, Melonade is the perfect strain for you.

Tastes Like : Lemon, Tropical, Citrus 

Feels Like : Energetic, Happy, Focused

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CEAS Melonade 28g - Sativa Delivery | Online Dispensary

Get your daily dose of sativa with CEAS' Melonade. This strain is a pure sativa dominant that provides an uplifting head high. 90% sativa genetics provide long-lasting cerebral effects perfect for daytime use. Sweet and fruity melon flavor makes this strain all the more enjoyable.