Papaya - Distillate Vape Cart - Punch

Papaya - Punch Extract Vape

Total THC: 90.81% Total Cannabinoids: 96.03% 

1g Hybrid

Papaya is Punch's classic indica-dominant hybrid, renowned for its heavy body high and sweet tropical flavor. Now available in a Vape cartridge, Papaya delivers all the same great effects with none of the harshness of smoke. CEAS offers quick and easy delivery so you can enjoy your Papaya without having to leave home.

Papaya is the perfect strain for unwinding after a long day. Its heavy body high will leave you feeling relaxed and calm, while its sweet flavor will tantalize your taste buds. With CEAS delivery, you can enjoy Papaya anytime, anywhere.

Low Price - Papaya Vape Cartridge by Punch | CEAS

Enjoy the sweet, tropical flavor of Papaya with this vape cartridge from Punch. This indica-dominant hybrid is known for its heavy body high and relaxing effects. Now available at a low price, get your cartridge today!