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GovernMint Oasis - Liquid Resin 1g - Brite Labs


Genetics: GMO x Gush Mints

Unlock the soothing power of GovernMint Oasis, grown by Purple City Genetics. Leafly reviews praise its strong effects of relaxation, tingles and sleepiness. Inhale the herbal and diesel aromas of GovernMint Oasis and surrender to its potent and minty notes. Feel the heady euphoria that will take away stress, achy pains, nausea and immerse yourself in its blissful effects! Enjoy the remarkable benefits of this strain now! GovernMint Oasis is your ticket to relaxation and serenity. Experience its blissful effects of stress relief, nausea relief, and soothing tingles that will transport you to a place of peaceful tranquility.

Unlock the herbal diesel aromas and the refreshing minty notes of GovernMint Oasis and let its euphoric properties melt away the aches and pains. Soar to new heights - get the remarkable benefits of GovernMint Oasis today!


GovernMint Oasis Vape Cartridge by Purple City Genetics - Brite Labs

Discover the soothing power of GovernMint Oasis, a Hybrid vape cartridge with 88.9% total THC and refreshing minty notes. Get ready to relax and melt away stress, aches, and pains with this GMO x Gush Mints crossbred strain. Try it now from CEAS | Brite Labs!