St. Lucia Og 3.5G - Connected


St. Lucia OG 3.5g - Connected


Genetics: OG Kush x Unknown Strain

St. Lucia OG by Connected offers a unique blend of OG Kush crossed with a top-secret strain to deliver a balanced and potent experience. These dense, dark green buds are adorned with shimmering trichomes, giving them a classic, eye-catching appearance.
Immerse yourself in the pungent, earthy aroma accentuated by zesty lemon, pine, and diesel fuel notes. The taste profile is just as impressive, with a delightful mix of sweetness and spice that lingers on your palate.
St. Lucia OG takes effect swiftly, providing an invigorating cerebral high that fuels creativity and clarity. As the high deepens, you'll feel an all-encompassing calm and a sense of rejuvenation wash over you.

 Whether you are looking to spark creativity, find clarity, or simply relax and rejuvenate, St. Lucia OG is a must-try for any cannabis connoisseur. Experience the superior quality and unmatched effects of St. Lucia OG by Connected today!

St. Lucia OG 3.5g - Connected | CEAS

St. Lucia OG is a phenotype of OG Kush from the master cultivators at Connected. St. Lucia OG offers that citrus, piney and spicy flavors you look for in an OG Kush. Its effects are purported to offer a calming, cerebral and relaxing vibe. A perfect choice for chilling in a hammock on your own personal island.

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