Stiiizy 40S Blunt - Blue Burst 2G

Blue Burst 2g Blunt - STIIIZY 40's

HYBRID | TOTAL THC: 43.58% | 2G

Every STIIIZY 40's blunt features a full half gram of our amazing STIIIZY flower and a live resin infusion. With twelve strains to choose from in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, there's always a strain that's right for you. STIIIZY 40's bunts are rolled with care in 100% tobacco free, kief dusted hemp wraps with a glass tip that ensures a clean, even draw every time. STIIIZY 40's Blunts also set the bar on potency. We call them 40's because every blunt tests at 40%+ THC and total cannabinoids potency. 

Named for its delicious and powerful flavor, our Blue Burst 40s are known for its blue raspberry flavor with hints of citrus on every exhale. Blue Burst 40s will have you taking flight on a balanced and pleasant cerebral high.

Taste Like: Blue Raspberry


STIIIZY 40's Blunt - Blue Burst 2g | Stiiizy | CEAS

Experience the delicious and powerful flavor of our Blue Burst 40's Blunt from STIIIZY. This 2g blunt is filled with our amazing STIIIZY flower and a live resin infusion for a clean and potent experience. Rolled with care in 100% tobacco-free hemp wraps, this blunt offers a balanced and enjoyable cerebral high. Indulge in the taste of blue raspberry with hints of citrus. Elevate your smoking experience with STIIIZY today.