Stiiizy 40S Mini Blunt 0.5G Watermelon Z (2.5G) Multipack

STIIIZY - 40's Multi Pack Infused Mini Blunts - Watermelon Z (2.5g)

INDICA | TOTAL THC: 41.55% | 5-PK PRE-ROLLS (2.5G)

With its sweet citrus and watermelon flavor, every toke of our Watermelon Z 40s will have you feeling giddy and euphoric accompanied with an anchored body high.

STIIIZY 40's Mini Blunt 0.5g Watermelon Z - Get Euphoric with a Balanced Body High | CEAS

Experience sweet citrus and watermelon flavors, as well as a euphoric high accompanied by an anchored body sensation with Stiiizy’s Watermelon Z 40s mini blunt! Shop now at CEAS for fast shipping

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