Stiiizy Sour Apple - Gummies 100Mg

STIIIZY Sour Apple - Gummies 100mg


Introducing our new line of STIIIZY edibles. Your favorite live resin infused gummies are formulated with fast-acting nanotechnology in 10 mg pieces. Enjoy the blend of both delicious and mouth watering flavors in every bite.

TASTE: Tree Fruit, Sweet, Apple

FEELING: Creative, Happy, Uplifting

DESCRIPTION: Perfect for enjoyment at any time of the day with friends, Sour Apple’s wonderful flavor and happy, hybrid effects are a crowd-pleaser.


STIIIZY Sour Apple Gummies - 100mg | Hybrid Effects & Tree Fruit Flavors| CEAS

Try out STIIIZY’s new line of edibles! Feel the hybrid effects and taste the tree fruit flavors in these fast-acting, nanotechnology infused gummies. Enjoy happy, uplifting feelings and creative energy with every bite.