Stiiizy White Label - Animal Mintz X Sfv 3.5G

STIIIZY White Label - Berry Sundae 3.5g


The STIIIZY White Label is traditionally grown to yield top quality flower. Sunkissed and carefully cultivated, these cannabis buds take advantage of Mother Nature's gift and ensure consistency in both flavor and experience.

Taste: dense, orange-haired buds. Testing over 30% THC

Feeling: relaxing and joyful effect that numbs the entire body, loosening muscles and lifting spirits

Description: derives from the cross of a Blueberry and a Sundae Driver. The result is a stunning Indica-dominant hybrid


STIIIZY White Label - Berry Sundae 3.5g | Relaxing & Joyful Effects

Enjoy the relaxing and joyful effects of STIIIZY's White Label – Berry Sundae 3.5g! These dense, orange-haired buds are a cross between Blueberry and Sundae Driver, testing over 22% in THC with an Indica-dominant hybrid profile. Try it today at CEAS