Tropical Z - 1G Pre Roll Connected

Tropical Z - 1g Pre Roll - Connected


Lineage:  Xeno x (GDPTHH) #9
Tropical Z has a punchy and sweet aroma with a distinctly orange citrus zest that lingers in your nose bringing to mind island fruit and shaved ice. Glittering trichomes seamlessly blend the fuzzy clumps of pistils with the mottled sage and deep greens of the margins creating the illusion of a fuzzy orange nug when held at arm's length. These large, medium density nugs have a distinctly sharp conical shape. The flavor is citrusy and creamy on the pull, just like a frosty creamsicle. In contrast, the exhale is dry and woody but not unpleasant. A prime example of an excellently engineered sativa dominant strain. Perfect for staying focused and getting things done without leaving you feeling paranoid or overly caffeinated. Perfect for daytime and late-night use.


Dive into Tropical Z: A Citrusy Sativa Delight for Focus and Clarity| Delivered by CEAS

Explore the captivating aroma and flavor profile of Tropical Z, a sativa-dominant strain designed for productivity without the jitters. With a punchy citrus zest and creamy undertones reminiscent of a frosty creamsicle, this strain offers a delightful experience. Discover the perfect balance of focus and relaxation with Tropical Z, ideal for daytime and late-night use.

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