Zendband Single Preroll 1G - Alien Labs

ZedBand Single Preroll 1g - Alien labs


Genetics: Zkittlez x Headband

Cannabis connoisseurs, look no further! Our Zedband 1g SINGLE Preroll will take your sesh to new heights. This one-of-a-kind product is the perfect balance of relaxing and stimulating — packing a powerful punch with stunning OG Diesel-type colas, thrilling knockouts, and striking bud resin. Every inhale is as sweet as candy, tasting like a diluted, gassy, and creamy Hi-C. Plus, with the hybrid lineage of Zkittlez, Headband #14, and a delivery by CEAS, this iconic product is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Whether you’re looking for a special hybrid experience with some friends, or a moment of serenity for yourself, you won’t regret getting your hands on this tantalizing pre-roll. Make Zedband 1g SINGLE Preroll part of your cannabis experience and unbeatable indulgence for ultimate enjoyment.

Zedband Single Preroll 1g - Alien Labs | CEAS

Try the unique hybrid experience of Zedband 1g SINGLE Preroll from Alien Labs and CEAS. This one-of-a-kind product is perfect for a special sesh with friends or a moment of serenity by yourself. Enjoy powerful OG Diesel type colas, thrilling knockouts, and striking bud resin in every inhale. This balanced preroll features a mellow citrus taste, tickling your senses while helping relieve nausea, pain, and stress. Plus, it's curated for a light smoke that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Perfect for beginners or an occasional user looking for a more subtle experience. At the end of the day when you need to kick back on the sofa with a movie or take on some extra work after hours without feeling overly lethargic or high, our BK Single Preroll 1g is here to provide some gentle relief in whatever form you need it. Place your order with confidence - we guarantee excellent quality cannabis that will bring joy and contentment to your life!

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