Cannabis Concentrates: Budder, Shatter and Wax

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Cannabis is available in a variety of choices, one being concentrates. These highly-potent products come in different forms such as budder, shatter and wax. Although the names may be dissimilar, there are similarities and definite differences between all three forms of cannabis concentrates.

Forms of Cannabis Concentrates

All cannabis concentrates are formed by chemically extracting the beneficial compounds from the marijuana flower. Shatter, budder and wax go through similar processes, but the net results are somewhat different.

Budder Concentrates

This prevalent form of concentrate is extracted with Butane or CO2 and is made using a chemical solvent that blasts through the cannabis to extract the THC. Once the THC is extracted, it is then purged with heat and air pressure to remove the solvent. This same process is used to create shatter and wax cannabis concentrates.

Wax Concentrates

Both budder and wax involve a whipping-like process that includes air during the final procedure. Wax is easy to manipulate with a dabbing tool which is why it is so popular.

Cannabis concentrate on a spoon

Shatter Concentrates

The shatter form of cannabis concentrates is considered to be the most popular. This form comes in multiple consistencies, such as the sappier, gooier variety that can have more CBD and terpenes than the brittle variety.

Due to shatter’s more complex composition, it is often the preferred choice for dabbing and vaping. But, what about the differences between them?

Budder Vs. Wax 

The main difference between budder and wax is the length of time they are being whipped.

  • To achieve budder, you must cut the whipping process short, which allows for a creamier consistency.
  • To achieve wax, you must lengthen the whipping time to complete a drier and crumblier wax consistency.

Shatter Vs. Wax 

The main difference between shatter and wax is consistency.

  • Shatter has a harder consistency like hard candy, making it harder to measure and handle.
  • Wax is waxy and pliable, making breaking apart into smaller portions easier.

Shatter Vs. Budder

Both shatter and budder are common forms of cannabis concentrates but are different in the way they are processed, their visual appearance, and the length of potency they provide.

  • Both are made using butane as the solvent, so they are categorized as butane hash oil (BHO).
  • Both contain incredibly high THC levels, making them extraordinarily cost-efficient compared with traditional cannabis flowers.
  • Shatter is more complex and brittle than budder, which is usually softer and creamier.
  • Shatter has a shinier amber color, providing a better visual appearance than budder, which tends to have a dull and lackluster appearance.
  • Budder concentrate is a softer material, so it isn’t as stable as shatter and will degrade more quickly, giving shatter the upper edge on lasting potency.

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