Wonderbrett Orange Banana Rosin Gummies

Wonderbrett Orange Banana Rosin Gummies

Total THC: 100mg

Flavor: Orange & Banana

Wonderbrett Orange Banana rosin gummies bring you the most unique edible experience cannabis can provide. The entire process of making rosin edibles results in the preservation of cannabis terpenes and cannabinoids. This means the true flavors of cannabis are perfectly complemented by the real orange and banana used to make these chews. The effects you will feel from just one 10mg piece are true to what cannabis can fully deliver.

Tastes like: Orange and banana, with the essence of cannabis terpenes Feels like: Robust euphoria and full perspective shift.


Wonderbrett Edibles

Wonderbrett brings you a unique edible which is made from rosin. Extracting rosin is a “solventless” process. The rosin which is used in products such as Wonderbrett Orange Banana is extracted from cannabis through a careful ice water extraction process. This preserves more of the terpenes and cannabinoids. Once extracted, Wonderbrett expertly crafts their rosin gummies by pairing the flavors of cannabis terpenes with imported fruit purée from France. The resulting flavors and experience you will have with Wonderbrett gummies is faithful to what cannabis can truly deliver.

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Wonderbrett Orange Banana rosin gummies are in good company here at CEAS Collective. We have all kinds of cannabis products which will deliver the flavors and effects you desire. In addition to our edibles, have a look at our flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, and vapes. With all of this variety, your delivery from CEAS Collective is sure to shape up nicely!

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Here at CEAS Collective we know that everyone uses cannabis for their own unique reasons. But we have found that no matter the reason people use cannabis, there is always a theme of wellness in the cannabis community. By keeping our focus on your wellness we have grown our California weed delivery service. Whether you use cannabis for medical purposes, relaxation, or for any other reason, we sincerely want to quickly and efficiently deliver you the spirit of cannabis which will enhance your unique wellness practices. CEAS is dedicated to superior customer service and will have your order to you in less than an hour. If you have any questions about our cannabis delivery or the products that we offer, do not hesitate to contact us today.

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