Stiiizy 40S Pre-Roll 1G Blue Burst

STIIIZY 40's Pre-roll 1g Blue Burst

HYBRID | TOTAL THC: 41.69% | 1G 40's PRE-ROLL

Elevate your pre-roll game. Stiiizy 40s pre-rolls are setting the standard with high potency, cannabis infused joints coated evenly with kief. Using our proprietary live resin infusion methods, we’ve designed every pre-roll to offer 40%+ THC potency with a unique flavor profile. With a smooth inhale and tasteful exhale, each and every Stiiizy 40 is packed with indoor grown flower, specifically made to ensure a potent and long-lasting high. Spark up the 40s.

TASTE: Blue Raspberry, Citrus, Mixed Fruits

FEELING: Relaxed, Uplifted, Creative

DESCRIPTION: This hybrid delivers a well-balanced mind and body high with a juicy burst of flavor.


STIIIZY 40's Pre-roll 1g Blue Burst | Get Relaxed, Uplifted, Creative with Blue Raspberry and Citrus Flavor | CEAS

Get relaxed, uplifted and creative with Stiiizy’s 40's Pre-Roll 1g of pure cannabis infused joint coated evenly with kief. Each pre-roll has a unique flavor profile featuring blue raspberry, citrus and mixed fruits giving you the perfect balance of body and mind