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Oasis 7g - CEAS

Total Cannabinoids: 27.53% THC: 25.06%  (Greenhouse, Indica)
7g (1/4 Oz)

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Uncover the Oasis crafted by CEAS. This distinct fusion of scents provides a thrilling and magical sensory experience. Featuring a medley of zesty herbs, pine, hashish, musk, sweat aromas, you will discover something genuinely exceptional. Complemented by a fruity sweetness and hints of bubble gum and floral fragrances, this extraordinary blend is both enlightening and irresistibly satisfying. To top it off, a subtle sharp note adds the finishing touch.

This exhilarating product isn't just for your nose either - Oasis will transport your body into a realm of relaxation and chill. The effects are pleasantly sleepy yet calming with just enough couch locking to keep you grounded when needed but not overwhelming in any way. At the same time, your mind will move into a meditative yet thought-provoking state of spacy bliss - one that is sure to bring mental clarity without overly stimulating the senses.

Feels Like : Sleepy, Relaxed, Tingly 
Tastes Like : Sweet, Spicy, bubblegum


CEAS has now made it effortless to indulge in your very own oasis with every purchase showcasing their signature scents - no need for lengthy journeys! So why wait? Discover your own tranquil haven today!

CEAS Oasis - A Unique Blended Aroma | Delivery

CEAS Oasis is an exclusive blend of aromas that offers a sensory journey filled with adventure and wonderment. With its blend of spicy herbs, pine, hashish, musky earth, sweat aromas, you are sure to experience something truly unique. On top of this symphony of scents, a fruity sweetness coupled with bubble gum and floral fragrances.

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