Convenient Cannabis: Why Cannabis Delivery is the Next Big Thing

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Having items delivered really took off when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, but it is becoming even more popular, especially with cannabis delivery services. But, the question is, why has this become such a popular option?

The Popular Option

Cannabis dispensaries must operate in specific areas according to the laws in their regions, and some counties can opt-out of having them entirely. In some cases, the closest dispensary can be many miles away, making it very difficult to get to, especially if that person has transportation or mobility issues. Fortunately, in states like California, weed is available for delivery in major cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, and more!

The Benefits

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Cannabis itself offers a variety of effects and benefits. A cannabis delivery system in place provides much-needed benefits, especially to those who cannot drive and are experiencing pain, anxiety, and insomnia. 

  • Reduces Traffic and Helps the Environment - One delivery driver can deliver to multiple locations, which means those having cannabis dispatched to them won’t be driving. This chain of events means more drivers are off the road, which helps reduce traffic and helps the environment by reducing pollution.
  • Saves Time - Most working people have a hectic and sometimes unpredictable schedule, so having a cannabis delivery service allows them to do other things they need to do. 
  • Safe and Private - Since every delivery is tracked and traced through software applications, the drivers provide a safe and private mode of shipment. And, since home delivery is done discreetly, your privacy is respected.
  • More Convenient - Having anything delivered makes your life easier, but if you need immediate stress relief or have chronic pain and can’t leave the house, then having cannabis delivered can be a real life-saver.

Undoubtedly, delivering cannabis is a win-win situation for both the customer and the cannabis business. These benefits are highlighted even more as cannabis culture grows and holidays like 420 and 710 gain popularity.

Cannabis Holidays

You likely already know and celebrate 420, but 710 is a newer holiday focused on cannabis oil products, dabs or oil concentrates.. 

Concentrates are highly potent and are remarkable for fast relief of anxiety, chronic pain, and difficulty sleeping, which means adding concentrates to your cannabis delivery is essential. Dab Day focuses on concentrates and dabs, and most California weed delivery services offer mind-blowing specials on and around that day. 

There are a few different choices to celebrate this special day, including wax, shatter, or other concentrate products. No matter what type of concentrate you choose, it can be delivered so you don’t have to go to a physical dispensary to celebrate.

cannabis concentrates for delivery

At CEAS Collective, we offer the highest quality cannabis products and the fastest delivery in under one hour! Our company provides weed delivery to numerous California neighborhoods!

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