Agent X 510 Cured Cartridge - Alien Labs

Agent X 510 Cured Resin Cartridge 1g - Alien Labs

HYBRID | TOTAL THC: 91.60% | 1G

Genetics: Atomic Apple x Xeno #1

Experience the flavorful fusion of the Agent X 510 Cured Cartridge by Alien Labs & CEAS. Don't be fooled by its sleepy disposition; this balanced hybrid blend of Atomic Apple, Xeno #1, Apple Fritter, Triangle Mints, Kush Mints & Zkittlez pack an uplifting punch. Soar away on dreamy waves of the mind and mellow out thanks to its pleasant body buzz. Ready for takeoff? CEAS promises to bring Agent X to the Bay Area in a jiffy

Flourishing in the Alien Labs nurseries, Agent X appears vividly green and wintry, its bouquet of flavors surfacing as a stew of fuel, Z, and mint. Its hybridity delivers a powerful punch, imparting an invigorating high to the head yet also composing a calming body sensation.

Agent X - Cured Resin 510 Cartridge | Alien Labs | CEAS

The new Alien Labs | CEAS Agent X 510 Cured Resin Cartridge is a super-luxurious and icy green strain that'll give you intense effects with its uplifting head waves and relaxing body buzz. Don't miss out on this unique experience! Try it today!