Brite - Liquid Resin (1.0G) 510 Cartridge Melonade

Melonade - Liquid Resin 1g - Brite Labs

1G | Total THC: 91.3% | Sativa

Introducing Melonade Live Resin Liquid Brite Labs! An incredibly innovative and powerful 1g live resin vape cartridge from the Bay Area-based experts at Brite Labs. Melonade Live Resin Liquid is a unique concentrate specifically designed to give summertime students a truly transformative experience. Infused with special terpenes selected for their invigorating flavor and taste, just one hit of Melonade will lime you instantly feeling alive, energetic, and refreshed!

The formula itself has been carefully composed using the most advanced industry extraction techniques, allowing for maximum potency and performance in as little material as possible. Experience organically grown flower terpenes like never before — with tints of slightly sweet melon dancing in your taste buds while providing an intense yet mellow body effect. With its easy-to-use cartridge design and temperature control technology that ensures an optimal vaping experience when smoking or dabbing, you’ll never be left wanting more!


What sets Melonade Live Resin apart from all the rest is that it’s completely free of any added chemicals or artificial terpenes, making it one of the most natural and genuine smoking experiences available today. Perfectly concocted to give summer time students an extra kick for days spent hanging out with friends or rocking out at a concert — you simply can’t get better than this! So relax poolside, go on a bike ride, or throw on some music; no matter what you do this summer, get ready to make it even brighter with Melonade Live Resin Liquid Brite Labs!

Melonade Live Resin Liquid Brite Labs - THC Pen Vape Cartridge 510 | CEAS Collective

Transform your summertime experience with the natural and genuine smoking of Melonade Live Resin Liquid from Brite Labs! This 1g live resin THC pen vape cartridge is free of any added chemicals or artificial terpenes for an incredibly powerful hit. Get ready to make this summer even brighter with CEAS Collective's Melonade!