Cherry Punch Slurpee 7g - CEAS

Cherry Punch Slurpee 7g - CEAS

Total Cannabinoids: 30.41% THC: 28.23%  (Greenhouse, Sativa) 

7g  (1/4 Oz)
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 Life can be stressful at times. Luckily you have Your Best Buds CEAS and we have weed! Introducing the new Cherry Punch Slurpee! This delicious strain gives you an invigorating high that is perfect for when you need a creative burst or to relieve stress. Our Cherry Punch Slurpee is sure to put a smile on your face!

Tastes Like: Cherry, Berry , Sweet

Feels like: Euphoric, Energetic, Creative

 Whether you need to relax after a hard day at work, or want to try something special for your afternoon creativity session – our Cherry Punch Slurpee will give you just the kind of energy boost you need. Make it part of your daily ritual today!

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Need a creative burst or to relieve stress? Try the invigorating high of Cherry Punch Slurpee from Your Best Buds CEAS! Enjoy fast and free delivery, plus get exclusive deals when you join our loyalty program. Shop now at CEAS dispensary and get your weed delivered right to your door.