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Dos Bows 7g - CEAS

Dos Bows 7g - CEAS


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Genetics: Dosidos x Moonbow
Discover the extraordinary Dos Bows strain - a fusion of Dosidos and Moonbow that will transport you to a state of euphoric bliss and serene relaxation. Crafted with precision and skill, this hybrid delivers a unique experience that appeals to both seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newcomers. Its distinctive genetic makeup offers a euphoric high that ignites creativity and tranquility, making it the perfect companion for any time of day. Embrace the endless possibilities and let Dos Bows guide you on a journey of enchantment and inspiration. Elevate your experience with Dos Bows - available now with CEAS.



Dos Bows 7g - CEAS

Introducing Dos Bows, the cannabis strain that will take you on an unforgettable journey to euphoric bliss and relaxed serenity. This exceptional hybrid, carefully crafted by crossing Dosidos and Moonbow, combines the best of both worlds to deliver an otherworldly experience unlike any other.