Punch - Stinger Maui Wowie (2.5G) Pre Rolls

Maui Wowie 5pk Infused Pre Rolls - Punch Stinger

SATIVA | TOTAL: 34.27% | 5-PK PRE-ROLLS (2.5G)

Try our Punch Stingers, a jar of 5 mini joints infused with Maui Wowie flavors and rolled in kief. This Sativa strain offers an uplifting and energizing effect, perfect for daytime indulgence. Each mini joint offers a potent and flavorful smoke. Enjoy the convenience and premium quality of Punch Stinger for a truly enjoyable cannabis experience.

Punch Stinger Maui Wowie - 2.5gs Pre-Rolls Bundle | Punch | CEAS

Get the best of both worlds with Punch Stinger Maui Wowie 2.5grams Pre-Rolls Bundle from Punch | CEAS. This top shelf Sativa features a rich sweet and tropical flavors; and harmonious blend of uplifting and euphoric effects. Plus, medical marijuana patients often choose this strain to help alleviate symptoms associated