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Headband - Liquid Resin 1g - Brite Labs

Headband - Liquid Resin 1g - Brite Labs


Brite Labs' Liquid Resin 1g headband is an incredible reprieve from daily life's chaos. OG Kush and Sour Diesel merge to create this powerful hybrid strain that will tantalize your taste buds with light, sweet diesel notes laced with a hint of lime and lemon. The inviting aroma will calm you and make you forget your worries. Get Headband delivered right to you by CEAS Collective!

Find calm and ease despite life's challenges with Brite Labs' Headband 1g - Liquid Resin. Combat elevated stress levels and treat pain with this long-lasting, hybrid strain. So, don't wait to experience the balance this strain can bring - add Brite Labs' Headband to your cart now!

Brite Labs | Headband - Liquid Resin 1g | Expertly Crafted for Balance & Relief | CEAS

Experience balance and relief with Brite Labs' expertly crafted Liquid Resin 1g headband. Combining powerful OG Kush and Sour Diesel, this hybrid marijuana strain will help you reduce stress levels while treating chronic pain. Get the perfect balance today!