Cotton Candy 7g - CEAS

Cotton Candy 7g - CEAS


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Power Plant x South African Lavender 
Embark on a euphoric journey with Cotton Candy - an exquisite, indica-dominant hybrid that will transport you to a land of pure bliss. Also known as Cotton Candy Kush, this enchanting strain is meticulously crafted from a secret recipe of Power Plant from South Africa and Lavender from Amsterdam. The result is a harmonious blend of Skunk strains and an Afghani Hawaiian, delivering the perfect fusion of mind and body effects. Prepare for a calming body high that melts away stress, while uplifting cerebral effects bring waves of euphoria and everlasting happiness. But it's not just the incredible effects that make Cotton Candy a must-try strain - it also offers potent relief for anxiety, migraines, headaches, chronic pain, and stress. Indulge in the delightful scent of freshly spun cotton candy and other delectable candies while experiencing the gentle reminder of its potency through dry mouth and dry eyes, quickly dissipating into the ether.
Cotton Candy isn't just any strain, it's a sensation that has taken the West Coast, Arizona, Colorado, and British Columbia by storm. Embark on this captivating journey and discover the wonders that await you. With its spellbinding effects and enchanting aroma, Cotton Candy is the perfect companion for those seeking new heights of euphoria. Join the legions of happy enthusiasts and let Cotton Candy whisk you away to a world of sweet bliss.

Cotton Candy Strain - Indica-Dominant Hybrid | Available at our Dispensary

Looking for a sweet treat? Try Cotton Candy, an indica-dominant hybrid with calming body effects and euphoric cerebral effects. Available at our dispensary, this strain is perfect for anxiety, migraines, chronic pain, and stress relief. Don't miss out on the deliciously fruity flavors of this popular strain!

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