Ginzu 7G - Ceas


INDICA-HYBRID | TOTAL THC: 30.01%| 7G (1/4 OZ)

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Genetics: Gary Payton x Rainbow Chip

Time to get Ginzu-ed up! CEAS' GINZU strain packs a powerful punch, with its potent effects being great for taking the edge off during high-stress times. Ready for a unique flavor experience? This strain delivers a delicious blend of candy-like sweetness and diesel-y goodness. And with vibrant, trichome-filled flowers, you know it's quality. Put your worries aside and get ready for a next-level satisfying experience here at CEAS Collective!
 Experience a level of candy flavor you've never experienced before coupled with its tart sweetness and gassy aftertaste. Get ready to be taken on a journey of the mind with this long-lasting hard-hitting strain!

Tastes Like: Candy, Sweet, and Diesel

Feels like: Uplifted, Relaxed, and Creative 

Ginzu 7g by CEAS Collective - Fast Delivery in San Mateo County

Get your hands on the delicious and hard-hitting Ginzu strain from CEAS Collective. With vibrant trichome coverage, this indica hybrid is sure to provide an aroused and creative experience. Plus, get fast delivery in San Mateo County! Shop now and enjoy a next level of flavor with every puff.