Gummy Worms - 5000Mg Total


Gummy Worms - 5000mg Total

These THC gummy worm edibles offer a tangy, fruity burst combined with a potent impact. A single gummy can launch you into a euphoric journey, shifting your perception. Due to their high potency, only seasoned edible consumers with elevated tolerance should indulge in these THC gummies for sale.

Tastes like: Sweet and tangy
Feels like: Euphoria


THC Gummies for Sale from Green Privilege

These scrumptious gummy worm edibles, containing a potent 142 mg per piece, are crafted by the renowned Los Angeles-based brand, Green Privilege. Bursting with flavor, these classic worms offer a powerful experience for those with a high tolerance. Exercise caution! They're best suited for seasoned edible enthusiasts. As with all our THC gummies for sale, these Green Privilege treats undergo rigorous lab testing to ensure safety and quality. Indulge in this delectable, tangy confection, lovingly created in L.A.

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