Blueberry - Moon Rock

Ionic Blueberry - Moon Rock


Savor the ripe blueberry flavor of our Blueberry Moonrocks. Enjoy the infused strain in each roll and the delightful blend of blueberry goodness. Get your Ionic Blueberry - Moon Rocks today with CEAS delivery and enjoy a treat like no other! Brighten up any day with a delicious, heavy rich smoke.

Our Ionic Blueberry Moon Rocks are out of this world! They're made with a bud of cannabis, dipped in cannabis concentrate, and rolled in trichomes. With a THC content that's off the charts, they're often referred to as "cannabis caviar." And with an intense, dreamy experience, it's no wonder they're called moon rocks! Plus, they look as good as they taste. Get ready to soar higher than ever before!


Galaxy Moonrocks are out-of-this-world potent! AAA grade Indoor Flower engulfed in premium hash oil and dusted with golden kief. Enjoy various flavors in 1g and 3.5g sizes, boasting 55-65% THC levels. Blast yourself to the moon with Galaxy Moonrocks!