Kryptochronic 1G Single Preroll

Kryptochronic 1G Single Preroll

1G Indoor Preroll 

Krypto Chronic is an exceptionally powerful marijuana strain developed by Compound Genetics. It combines the genetics of Fruity Pebbles OG, Alien Cookies, and Jet Fuel Gelato to create a unique hybrid. Upon smoking Krypto Chronic, users can expect a taste that is fruity and berry-like with notes of sweetness, creaminess, and fuel funk. Some Leafly readers have also reported picking up coffee, plum, and tobacco notes from the strain. The effects of Krypto Chronic are known to be incredibly strong; those who use it can expect to experience energetic, uplifting effects that also provide relaxation at the same time. It has become an increasingly popular strain for managing anxiety, pain, or depression among medical patients.
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