Lava Cake - 1G Pre Roll Brite Labs

Lava Cake - 1g Pre Roll - Brite Labs


Indulge in the smooth and rich flavors of our Lava Cake Pre Roll by Brite Labs. Enjoy a perfectly rolled 1g joint, ready to light up and take you on a journey to bliss. Handcrafted with high-quality cannabis, this is the perfect treat for any occasion. Elevate your smoking experience now!


Jealousy - 1g Pre Roll - Brite Labs | Delivered by CEAS

Jealousy is an evenly balanced hybrid cross between Gelato 41 X Sherbet. Jealousy is a heavy hitter with an earthly vanilla aroma and sweet berry flavor. Offering a whole body high that will leave you couch locked but not sedated so you can fully enjoy the experience. From farms in Mendocino, Lake, and San Luis Obispo Counties, Brite is proud to offer fresh, sun-grown, cannabis flower that is thoughtfully and sustainably cultivated on licensed California farms in sativa, indica, hybrid and high CBD sub-species, seasonally available. Yours truly.

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