Lemon Drip - Liquid Resin 510 Cartridge Brite Labs

Lemon Drip - Liquid Resin 1g - Brite Labs

Genetics: Grease Monkey x Lemon Tree

Unlock your potential with Lemon Drip from Brite Labs! Discover the uplifting, lemony flavor and be ready to take on anything with a rush of mental clarity, euphoria, and energy. Put stress, anxiety, and depression aside and let the improved feelings of laughter, excitement, and talkativeness open up new joys.

Give Lemon Drip a go and take in the calming effects—CEAS Collective ensures this 510 Cartridge won't disappoint!


Unleash a surge of lemony delightfulness and take a voyage of unwinding. Design your excursion with Lemon Drip – you'll be prepared to investigate new statures and new potential outcomes. Permit the delectable citrus aromas and invigorating taste to flood over you as you plunge into a sea of lucidity, euphoria, and improved mental vitality. Believe us, it's a beneficial ride!

Lemon Drip - Liquid Resin 510 Cartridge - Brite Labs | CEAS

Get the perfect balance of relaxation and energizing effects with Lemon Drip Liquid Resin 510 Cartridge from Brite Labs. Bursting with a mellow bud, this strain is all about providing euphoric, focused sensations that can take your journey to a whole new level. Enjoy the pleasant, invigorating experience of this strain and feel how it relieves stress