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Lucy Blue 14g


SATIVA | TOTAL THC: 25.3% | 14G (1/2 OZ)

 Genetix (Blue Dream x Grateful Breathe) 

Meet Lucy Blue—a dynamic blend of Blue Dream and Grateful Breath designed to elevate your day. This potent Sativa strain is perfect for creative minds seeking an energizing and euphoric experience. With Lucy Blue, you'll find your senses sharpened and your creativity boosted, providing the ideal catalyst for impactful moments.

Lucy Blue combines energetic and creative properties to foster a sense of joy and calm. Its smooth yet powerful effects ensure you stay light and focused, avoiding the heavy-handed effects typical of some cannabis products. Whether you’re gearing up for a brainstorming session or seeking a vibrant experience, Lucy Blue is your go-to choice.

Tastes Like: Sweet, Berry

Feels like: energetic, uplifted, talkative

Transform your everyday moments into extraordinary experiences with Lucy Blue. Make it your go-to strain for creativity, energy, and euphoria.

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Lucy Blue is a cross of Blue Dream x Grateful Breath that is sure to brighten your day! As a surprisingly powerful Sativa strain, it’s the perfect choice for creative minds who want an uplifted and energized feeling. With Lucy Blue, you won’t have to sacrifice those creative juices in order to enjoy its euphoric benefits!

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