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Otter Popz 7g - CEAS

Otter Popz 7g - CEAS


Genetics: Animal Mintz x Gelato 41

Satisfy your cravings with Otter Popz, a potent hybrid strain that boasts a 30-33% THC level. Made from a cross of Animal Mints and Gelato 41, this strain offers a giddy high and a sweet and sugary flavor that will leave you wanting more. Just like the iconic treat, Otter Popz has a delightful cherry berry taste with a creamy, citrusy exhale. Take advantage of its reported benefits for chronic stress, PTSD, depression, mood swings, and appetite loss or nausea. Its dense, diamond-shaped nugs are a vibrant forest green with orange hairs and a layer of dark amber-tinted trichomes coated in sticky resin. Try Otter Popz today and experience its irresistible appeal.