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Oz Kush - 1G Cured Resin Connected

OZ Kush - 1g Cured Resin - Alien Labs


Genetics: OG Kush x Zkittlez

OZ Kush pays tribute to the iconic West Coast cultivar OG Kush. Created through a careful blend of classic Kush and the Original Z(kittlez) varieties, this hybrid has a sweet and sour aroma with a kick of gas, dense green and purple buds, and an abundance of trichomes. Experience a mellow euphoric feeling that brings joy and boosts creativity without knocking you out. Try OZ Kush and make it yours with CEAS delivery!

OZ Kush is a perfect combination of classic West Coast cannabis genetics, creating a nuanced experience that is both powerful and calming. You'll taste sweet and sour notes with a gassy punch, feel the satisfying density of the buds as they break up in your hands, and appreciate the trichome-rich coating that brings with it an initial euphoria that mellows out into a creative, giggly high. Try it today with CEAS delivery!