Papaya 3.5g - Wonderbrett Smalls

Papaya 3.5g - Wonderbrett Smalls

Total Cannabinoids: 36.06% Total THC: 30.48%
Papaya (KC Brains Mango x Afghani #1

Wonderbrett is back on our shelves! Premium bud that will take you where you want to go and beyond. Enjoy!

"This indica dominant hybrid bursts with flavors and aromas of pungent papaya, sweet mango, ripe guava, earthy spice and a dank odor. With its direct genetic lineage to true Afghani indicas, the smooth smoke and rich flavors of Papaya are followed by a deeply focused euphoric high. The heavily resinous buds and beautiful multicolor hues make this unique flower a sight to see." -WeedMaps

Feels like: Relaxing indica, euphoric, happy

Tastes like: Earthy, honey, citrus

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