Permanent Marker 3.5G - Alien Labs
Permanent Marker 3.5G - Alien Labs

Permanent Marker 3.5g - Connected


The name of this particular variety is well-deserved, as just one sniff will uncover its unique qualities. A combination of sugary treats and strong fuel-like aromas instantly greet your nose when opening the container. But don't panic, the funky, diesel scent eventually dissipates, leaving a delicate floral fragrance. The deep green and purple shades of the leaves, along with the thick layer of trichomes, create a frosty appearance for these buds. Once ground up, the refreshing and enigmatic taste will surprise you with a subtle numbing effect. Upon exhaling, you'll taste hints of tar and diesel. Get your hands on Permanent Marker from CEAS now!

This powerful strain provides a cerebral buzz that soothes the body and heightens mental awareness. Great for chilling out, unleashing creativity, or gaming with pals. Watch your dose, as this indica-dominant hybrid can either kick-start or end your day entirely. Order Permanent Marker from CEAS and receive it today!