Punch - BHO Shatter - Ya Hemi 1g

Punch - BHO Shatter - Ya Hemi 1g


Welcome to Punch - BHO Shatter - Ya Hemi 1g, a premium cannabis strain to excite all cannabis connoisseurs! Ya Hemi is a hybrid strain created by the acclaimed Grandiflora Genetics, and it does not disappoint. Ya Hemi contains 20% THC, making it the perfect choice for experienced cannabis consumers who want an exciting, euphoric experience. Not only does it offer extraordinary potency, but also beautiful, citrus-like flavors like violet and plum and a dominant limonene terpene.

Punch - BHO Shatter - Ya Hemi 1g | Premium Cannabis Strain

Get ready for an exhilarating experience with Punch | CEAS's BHO Shatter Ya Hemi 1g! Featuring a potent dose of 20% THC, this hybrid strain by Grandiflora Genetics will excite all cannabis connoisseurs with its euphoric effects and delicious flavors of violet, plum, and limonene.