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Lemon Peel - Punch Extract Vape


Experience the flavorful and potent effects of Lemon Peel by Punch! This indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for those seeking a deep body high, with its citrusy aroma and relaxing properties. Named for its lemon and diesel notes, Lemon Peel is a truly one-of-a-kind strain that will leave you feeling satisfied and at ease. Try it now delivered by CEAS!

Discover the unique and satisfying effects of Lemon Peel - Punch Extract Vape. This potent and flavorful indica-dominant hybrid offers a deeply relaxing body high, accompanied by the refreshing scent of lemon and diesel. Feel at ease with Lemon Peel, the one-of-a-kind strain brought to you by CEAS.

Lemon Peel - Punch | CEAS

Lemon Peel by Punch is the perfect choice for those searching for a deep, relaxing body high. Indica-dominant hybrid that packs a punch? Look no further than Lemon Peel by Punch. This powerful strain is perfect for those looking for a deep body high with hints of diesel and lemon flavors.. Delivered by CEAS, this powerful strain is sure to leave you feeling satisfied. Low Price

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