Punch Stingers - Summer Lemon (2.5G) Pre Rolls

Punch Stingers - Summer Lemon (2.5g) Pre Rolls


Welcome to the world of Punch-Stinger Summer Lemon! Our 2.5gr pre-rolls are made from one of the finest Sativa dominant haze strains: Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. Cultivated in the Netherlands-based Green House Seed Co., this perfect blend of hybrid strains is all you need for ultimate summer pleasure! Packed with bright, citrusy flavor notes ranging from sharp lemonade to sweet lemon candy, Punch Stinger Summer Lemon allows you to experience balanced, energizing effects without compromising on flavor. Reach for these pre-rolls when needing a creative boost or uplifting vibes - they’re an ideal choice for elevating social occasions over summer. Delivery of cannabis has never been easier with our convenient 2.5gr pre-rolls! Try them out and never look back – it’s your time to shine, plus we promise nothing but pure joy after trying our awesome Punch Stinger Summer Lemon! Place your order today for a perfect night under the stars; you won't regret it!

Punch - Stinger Summer Lemon Pre-Rolls | 2.5gs 5 Pack | CEAS

Get ready for a summer of fun with Punch's Stinger Summer Lemon pre-rolls! This Sativa dominant hybrid packs bright citrusy flavor without compromising on energizing effects. Try these premium 2.5gr pre-rolls today and experience pure joy under the stars - available now at CEAS!

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