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Purple Chem - Tier 4 Live Rosin Punch Extracts

Purple Chem - Tier 4 Live Rosin - Punch Extracts

Genetics: Chem 91 x Pre-98 Bubba
Indulge in Punch Extracts' extraordinary Purple Chem - Tier 4 Live Rosin for a unique combination of citrus and spicy wood notes, combined with touches of sour grapes and sweet grape tinges. Previous winner of the 2016 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup's Best Indica, its strength will surely amaze you. Enjoy the exquisite, restorative effects of this premium product, which features captivating aromas and flavors. Envelop yourself in its enchanting mix of colors and textures, and dive into the world of Purple Chem - Tier 4 Live Rosin, an uplifting experience that will elevate your senses and refresh your spirit.
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Enjoy the best of the best, and its award-winning effects that transport you to a realm of pure bliss. Purple Chem - Tier 4 Live Rosin is crafted with care and precision, bringing out only the most exquisite flavor and aroma profiles that will make you feel like royalty.

Purple Chem - Award Winning Indica Strain | CEAS Collective

Get the award-winning flavor and effects of CEAS Collective's Purple Chem strain. It is an indica dominant hybrid with super potent pungent aromas that will leave you in awe! Try it today for relief from stress, depression, chronic pain, and better sleep. California grown and low temp cured for maximum potency.