Rainbow Sherbert #11 Live Resin Disposable - Connected

Rainbow Sherbert #11 Live Resin Disposable - Connected


Experience the ultimate strain that will elevate your smoke sesh and amaze your friends - Rainbow Sherbert #11! With its sensational balance of hybrid strains, also known as "RS-11," this is the perfect choice. This premier strain, cultivated by Connected, is a unique mix of Pink Guava and OZK, resulting in breathtakingly beautiful blue-green buds that pack a potent punch. Its pungent perfume will linger in your nostrils, while its smooth smoke leaves a delicious taste of musty mango and sour cherry on the tongue. With its deep purple hues, fiery pistils, and a frosty trichome coating, RS11 is sure to captivate any connoisseur. And to top it off, the complex and intriguing aroma of this strain will have you feeling relaxed and euphoric in no time. Order yours today from CEAS Collective! Add this delectable delight to your smoke sesh and elevate it to the next level!

Rainbow Sherbert #11, also known as "RS-11," boasts a balanced hybrid blend of Pink Guava and OZK, resulting in stunning blue-green buds with a powerful punch. Its pungent aroma will enchant your senses, while its silky smoke leaves a satisfying taste of tangy mango and tart cherry. With its striking purple tones, fiery pistils, and frosty trichome covering, RS11 is a sure hit among connoisseurs. And don't forget about the complex and alluring scent that will bring you a sense of relaxation and euphoria in no time. Trust us, you'll wanna add this one to your collection. Order now from CEAS Collective!