Rainbow Sherbert #45 14g - Connected
Rainbow Sherbet #54 14G - Connected

Rainbow Sherbert #54 14g - Connected

Genetics: Pink Guava and OZK

Have you been searching for the perfect cannabis strain that has it all? Look no further than Rainbow Sherbet 14g - Connected! This powerful hybrid strain is the perfect combination of Champagne and Blackberry, leaving you with a noticeably tasty taste with hints of sugar and fruit.

Rainbow Sherbet is sure to provide the perfect balance of creativity and relaxation, allowing you to stay focused without feeling too tired or overwhelmed. When smoking Rainbow Sherbet, you feel a calming, euphoric effect that can't be topped. For those looking for an even stronger experience, we recommend smoking larger doses of Rainbow Sherbet for maximum impact.

Medical marijuana patients count on Rainbow Sherbet for its pain-relieving qualities, making it a strain that no home should be without! Get your Rainbow Sherbet #11 14g - Connected today right here from our cannabis delivery service. Enjoy ultra-fast shipping and unbeatable prices each time you buy from us. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed.

Rainbow Sherbet #11 14g - Connected | CEAS

Experience an out of this world experience with Connected' Rainbow Sherbert #54. Combining Champange and Blackberry for a unique flavor, this evenly-balanced hybrid strain will chill you out while still keeping focus. With hints of sugar and fruit, get ready for heavy-hitting euphoria that can provide relief from pain. Try it today!

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